For Prospective Members

Olympia Sweet Adelines FAQs and Answers 

How much does it cost, and what am I paying for?

Membership in the Olympia Chorus is $40 for adults (over 25) and $20 for youth (under 25). That goes toward Int’l, Regional, and Chorus dues. Chorus dues help cover fees for coaching sessions, sheet music, learning media, chorus marketing, and more! For the first few months of membership, you will have a payment schedule that includes costume fees and the first year of International and Regional dues. We don’t want cost to be a barrier for anyone interested in joining. If you have questions or concerns about payment, please talk to us!


How fast do I have to learn the music?

We tackle music of all levels of difficulty, so the timeline varies. In general, we learn it until we know it! It’s helpful to be off music when we begin to learn choreography for a song, which could be four to six weeks after we start rehearsing it. As always, please let us know if we can do more to help you learn music accurately and efficiently!


How do I audition to become a member?

You must attend five (at least four consecutive) rehearsals before you may audition. Please let us know a week in advance, if possible, when you plan to audition. You may audition one of two ways:

Record yourself on the risers when we sing through the audition songs (Music Staff will listen to the recordings and evaluate your performance). OR

Sing your part in a quartet in front of Music Staff for evaluation.

Please keep in mind we’re not just about singing—we’re about performance! In our evaluations we’re looking for rhythm and grasp of movement/choreography basics, as well as note and word accuracy in music. If there’s anything in particular we can do to help you feel more comfortable in the audition process, please let us know!


Do I really have to stand for three hours?

We understand it’s not always possible to stand for three hours. Please do whatever is comfortable. We hope you’ll work up to it if you’re able. Many people are surprised by how quickly they get used to it—and we’re usually having so much fun, we don’t notice the effort it takes to stand! 🙂 Be sure to keep your knees slightly bent, with your feet shoulder-width apart. Staying in motion will help keep you from getting stiff or sore.


What if I’m not cut out for this?

Not everyone in our chorus has sung all her life or been trained musically; many of us don’t sight-read music or read music at all; and most of us don’t have perfect pitch. Some of us don’t even consider ourselves natural-born performers! We maintain high standards for membership, but we recognize that everyone learns this craft at different levels.