BB&B 2023 Roundup

Our second annual Besties, Bags, & Bingo fundraiser exceeded our expectations in every way!

We sold more tickets, raised more money, and had a ton more fun than our inaugural BB&B event in 2022. Technical difficulties, last minute table set-ups, and a low snack inventory couldn’t bring us down. We are a group of energetic and intelligent women, who demonstrated our abilities to work well under pressure and creatively solve any issues that arose.

The chorus awarded 16 fantastic designer handbags along with loads of stellar door prizes (all of which were meticulously hand crafted and donated by chorus members).

At this pace, we plan on blowing BB&B 2024 out of the water, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled for ticket sales and have your daubers at the ready!

This event would not be possible without the indefatigable efforts of Sally and Jan!